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01, Jun 2023

Package Optimization Research

You can't judge a book by its cover...but everybody does. The same applies to packaging. You may have a killer product. But, if the packaging doesn't shine, customers just won't buy it. Packaging research addresses this dynamic head on. It makes different packaging ideas compete head-to-head, giving you objective benchmarks to measure how compelling each [...]

30, May 2023

Performing Customer Churn Research

It's hard to make people aware of your product or service. Getting them to actually buy it may be harder. That’s why it’s so difficult when they decide not to re-buy. You spent ample time and resources acquiring them, and now you may not recoup your expenses. If you’re starting to see more and more [...]

11, May 2023

Building Data-Informed Customer Journey Maps

How do you get a buyer from Point A to Point B? We bet there are a whole lot of things you think you can do. But, which of those is actually worth doing? Ask some questions to find out! Customer journey map research lets you visualize the unique steps users take when engaging with [...]

03, Apr 2023

Using Research For A Successful Rebrand

Legacy brands must work hard to stay fresh and compete in crowded categories. It isn't enough to have once been relevant. You need to stay relevant. Rebranding is a powerful approach to maintain relevancy. But it's no easy feat. After all, a successful rebrand isn't just updated logos and color schemes. It's a broader process [...]


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