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03, Jul 2024

Using Research For A Successful Rebrand

Legacy brands must work hard to stay fresh and compete in crowded categories. It isn't enough to have once been relevant. You need to stay relevant. Rebranding is a powerful approach to maintain relevancy. But it's no easy feat. After all, a successful rebrand isn't just updated logos and color schemes. It's a broader process [...]

12, Jun 2024

Why NPS Tells You Very Little

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) method of measuring customer satisfaction is a simple approach to quickly gauge consumer sentiment. In use for nearly twenty years, NPS is used as a proxy for business resiliency, customer loyalty, and other key performance indicators. But, its very simplicity makes it an extremely limited metric. Its sole focus on [...]

03, May 2024

The Best Ways To Use Zero-Party Data

Capturing customer data is no longer a "set it and forget it" mechanism. With everything from government regulations to customer expectations driving when and how data can be collected, organizations must be increasingly thoughtful about where they source data. Enter zero party data. As a rich source of data direct from customers, zero party data [...]

15, Apr 2024

How To Sell To Enterprise Accounts

So many companies, at some point in their history, think about selling into an enterprise account. This could be the small consumer goods company with a strong track record in regional, specialty markets wondering if they can sell to a Kroger or Albertsons. Or, it could be a B2B SaaS company with some financial backing [...]


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