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Price Optimization Research

A key component of any go-to-market plan is how you will price your product, which includes everything from the price point itself to how and when you'll charge for it. It's a lot of levers to consider. But, with price optimization research, you can gain the peace of mind that you're picking the right pricing approach for your customer base.

What To Expect From Price Optimization Research

Charge too little and people may question your product quality. Charge too much and you may alienate potential buyers. Thankfully, with pricing research, you can see exactly where these swings occur to find your pricing sweet spot.
Everyone wants to pay less…but that doesn’t mean they won’t pay a premium. By understanding how sensitive people are to price, and where purchase intent actually drops off, you can pinpoint how to charge people to maximize profit.
With some types of price optimization studies, we can even read the trade-offs people will make between price and other product dimensions (e.g. size, flavor, claims). This helps organizations determine how much, or how little, they need to charge given how they want to launch their product.

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