What To Expect From Brand Health Research

Competitive Benchmarks

Understanding brand health means understanding where your brand ranks compared to the competition. We’ll evaluate the metrics that define health—awareness, trust, relevance—to let you see how you stack up.

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Brand Health & Loyalty Market Research Firm - Positioning

Category Positioning

Strong brands stand for something in customers’ minds. They have distinct values or benefits that drive people to choose them. We’ll evaluate how well your brand and others in the category are associated with desired traits, letting us evaluate if you truly are differentiated.

Brand Satisfaction

Healthy brands enjoy robust, positive word of mouth. We’ll evaluate satisfaction levels across category brands and identify what red flags, if any, prevent you from building strong brand affinities.

Brand Health & Brand Loyalty Market Research Firm - Satisfaction

When Is It Time To Perform Brand Health Research

No Health Benchmarks

Competitive categories are ever-changing. If you’ve never taken a pulse on your brand health, or it’s been years since you did so, it’s time.

Capturing these benchmarks tells you exactly how the category stacks up.

Preparing For Campaigns

Companies getting ready to launch branding or marketing campaigns need to know if they’re moving the needle.

Brand health and loyalty metrics tell you what your brand stands for today, and if those perceptions are changing.

Ongoing Market Evolutions

Are there new competitors on the horizon? Have major changes hit your category?

Brand health studies let you see how these evolutions are impacting your brand strength.

Internal Brand Shake Ups

Have you shaken up how you operate your business? Maybe changed how you run customer service? Or, perhaps evolved how you prioritize product development?

Measuring brand health over time lets you see if these shake ups have positive (or negative) implications.

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More About Our Brand Health & Loyalty Research Approach

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