A Full Stack Research Suite

Qualitative Research

  • Focus groups
  • In depth interviews
  • Online communities
  • Shop alongs
  • Secret shopper visits
  • User experience tests

Quantitative Research

  • Surveys
  • Conjoint analysis
  • MaxDiff analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • pricing optimization
  • Product optimization

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Brand Awareness Research

Don’t wonder how you stack up in customers’ minds. Measure it. Brand awareness research gives you the insights you need to benchmark awareness against the competition.

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Brand Trust & Loyalty

Learn what customers really think about you and competitive brands, and evaluate how satisfied customers are with products across your category.

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Buyer Persona Research

Tailored buyer persona research unearths unique customer drivers and pain points, giving you insight into who your buyer is and how to impact their decisions.

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Competitive Landscape Research

Identify the messaging, positioning, marketing activities, customer experience flows, other key dimensions used by your competitors to create a differentiation plan.

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Customer Intelligence

Keep your finger on the pulse of customer needs. Our customer intelligence research gives you the insights needed to drive market differentiation and product innovations.

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Customer Journey Research

Identify unique buying stages and how customers think at each and every touchpoint. Learn exactly what you need to do to influence customers every step of the way.

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Customer Segmentation Research

Develop a detailed picture of the unique customer groups in your market to isolate your ideal customers and develop targeted positioning and messaging.

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Go To Market Research

Use an objective approach to build the key inputs needed in your go to market plan, from customer targets to positioning, price points, and marketing channels.

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Message Testing

Make sure your brand message truly shines. Use message testing to unearth the positioning, value propositions, and brand tone that get customers to buy.

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Price Optimization Research

Don’t wonder about ideal price points. Use price optimization research to uncover how to maximize revenue and improve customer purchase intent.

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Product Concept Testing

Avoid launching products that fall flat. Concept tests show you which products customers will like and why, letting you develop and launch products customers will actually buy.

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Product Optimization Research

Develop a product with the right bells and whistles. Leverage product optimization research to evaluate the ideal blend of features and benefits that get customers to buy.

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Thought Leadership Research

Fuel your PR and content marketing engine with original, thought-provoking research. Build brand awareness and show that you’re on your category’s leading edge.

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Usage & Attitude Testing

Capture perception, usage, and attitude metrics to get a sense of where you stack up today, all while building the KPIs you’ll need to beat out your competitors.

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