What To Expect From Customer Segmentation Research

In Depth Surveys

The foundation of customer segmentation research work begins with detailed survey design.

We think through the different demographic, psychographic, and behavioral elements that could influence unique customer segments, and make sure those elements get captured within the research design.

Customer Segmentation Market Research Firm - In Depth Surveys
Customer Segmentation Market Research Firm - Detailed Personas or Segments

Detailed Segments

Customer segmentation research may uncover six or more unique types of groups that purchase from your product category. This lets you visualize the different buyers that are out there and, more importantly, the ones that will make for ideal customers.

Brand Impact

The final results of customer segmentation work yield detailed insights into what makes people interested in a product or service, but also what keeps them from buying. This will help you develop tailored positioning and messaging, as well as specialized products, that helps get through the fog.

When Is It Time For Customer Segmentation Research

Go To Market Planning

Good go-to-market plans delineate your category positioning and why customers should choose you over the competition.

Customer segmentation research provides the market intel you need to craft compelling go to market messaging.

Ongoing Market Evolutions

Are there new players on the field? New information coming out that alters how people think about your category?

If you’re in an evolving industry, you’ll need to know how these shifts impact unique customer groups and the way these groups evaluate your brand and products.

Messaging Frameworks

Do you need to know what kind of messaging will resonate with your customers?

Customer segmentation research unearths the features and benefits people care about so that you can create effective, tailored marketing communication.

New Product Development

You can’t launch every single product or service you want. You have to pick. With customer segments in-hand, you’ll know who your core target customer is, and will be able to prioritize launching products that drive customer growth and overall satisfaction.

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