What To Expect From Product Optimization Research

The Forest & The Trees

Product optimization research lets you test features big and small. You’ll see what basic features really drive interest. But, you’ll also dig into what levels or components within each feature really get customers excited.

Product Optimization Research Firm - Macro & Micro Views
Product Optimization Research Firm - Price Elasticity

Price Elasticity

We often include price point and pricing model analysis in product optimization research. This means you not only get a clear read on which product features to include but also the price points customers will accept.

Interest Drop Off Points

Some product features or benefits may be alienating. With product optimization tests, you’ll see what those features are, and exactly where those alienation inflection points exist.

Product Optimization Research Firm - Interest Drop Off Points

When Is It Time For Product Optimization Research

New Product Launches

Are you looking to launch new products? If so, you’ll want to stand out from the competition.

Product optimization tests let you see the features you need for a truly differentiated offering.

New Category Entries

In new, emerging categories, customers may not yet know what they want.

Product optimization studies let you test different feature and pricing options so you know how to build your beta product.

Revenue Maximization

Do you want to maximize revenue from every purchase?

If so, include price points in your product optimization tests to measure where price sensitivities reside.

New Product Refinement

If you completed an initial product concept test, you’re ready to create a more “cooked” idea.

Refine your concepts with product optimization research to home in on the mix of features and benefits needed to build market traction.

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