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Product Optimization Research

Do you know exactly what features and benefits your product should offer to maximize purchase interest? Product optimization research gives you an objective lens to help prioritize which features make the cut and which ones you can do without.

What To Expect From Product Optimization Research

With this type of research, you can test the relative importance of different high level features like size or flavor. But, you can also dig into the relative importance  of options within each feature like 8 ounce containers vs. 12-ounce containers. This lets you see both the forest and the trees.
Price points and pricing models can be included in this type of work. This means you not only get a clear read on product features but also the price points people are willing to accept.
Some product features or benefits may be alienating. With product optimization tests, you’ll see what those features are, and exactly where those alienation inflection points exist.

When Is It Time For Product Optimization Research

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