What To Expect From Usage & Attitude Studies

Product Use Cases

Your product may not be meeting the full set of existing customer needs. Or, it may be being used in ways you never anticipated.

When you perform attitude and usage testing, you’ll identify how to further refine your product and service offering to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Usage & Attitude Market Research Firm - Product Use Cases
Usage & Attitude Testing Market Research Firm - Positioning

Category Differentiation

Strong brands stand for something in customers’ minds. They have distinct value or benefits that drive people to choose them. We’ll evaluate how well your brand and others in the category are associated with desired traits or benefits, letting us evaluate if you truly are differentiated.

Brand & Product Satisfaction

Healthy brands and products meet, if not exceed, customer expectations. We’ll evaluate how well you and others in your category fulfill buyer needs to see what red flags, if any, stand in the way of building strong customer satisfaction.

Usage & Attitude Testing Market Research Firm - Satisfaction

When Is It Time To Perform Usage & Attitude Studies

Limited Benchmarking

Have you taken a recent pulse on your brand perception, especially relative to your competition?

Capturing perception and attitude metrics gives you a sense of where you stack up today and also the KPIs you’ll need to beat out your competitors.

Declining Satisfaction

Are your NPS or customer satisfaction scores dropping?

If so, it’s time to start understanding how your product is failing to meet customer needs or expectations so you can right your ship.

Category Differentiation

Do you know if your brand or product truly stands for something unique?

Attitude and usage testing lets you see if you have a differentiated product, or if work is needed to make your products stand out better.

Ongoing Market Evolutions

Category changes across competitors, regulations, and technology impact how much people think about your products.

If you’re in a category experiencing these challenges, attitude and usage testing tells you how much your brand is impacted.

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