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How do you stack up against the competition? Performing brand awareness studies is an ideal way to know how well customers know your brand versus others. And, if you're about launch major marketing or PR campaigns, you'll want to have a benchmark in place to know if those activities are moving the needle.

What To Expect From Brand Awareness Studies

Generally called Unaided Awareness, top-of-mind recall is the holy grail of brand awareness. We ask people to name all of the brands that come to mind in a particular category, and then add up each time a brand gets mentioned. This immediate recall shows how much people do, or don’t, know your brand.
Also important is capturing what’s called Aided Awareness. In this case, we ask people to select all of the brands they know from a large list of brands. It shows if your brand name is even recognized, and helps determine how far you have to climb to build any kind of awareness in the first place.
Your primary goal may be to measure aided and unaided brand awareness. However, you don’t have to stop there. You can always gain a little more intelligence out of brand awareness studies like brand and category drivers, purchase roadblocks, or other elements that can help fuel smarter marketing plans.

When Is It Time To Perform A Brand Awareness Study

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