What To Expect From Brand Awareness Studies

Awareness Metrics

We measure two types of awareness: unaided and aided. The first is the holy grail for brands as it measures top-of-mind recall. The second measures general brand recognition. These two metrics provide critical benchmarks to measure how well known your brand is today and if future marketing activities improve awareness over time.

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Awareness By Segment

We can’t take it for granted that everyone knows your product equally. By collecting aided and unaided awareness from different types of category buyers, we assess awareness strengths and weaknesses across customer groups.

Key Category Metrics

Your primary goal may be to measure aided and unaided brand awareness.

However, you don’t have to stop there. We use awareness studies to collect additional intel—purchase drivers and barriers, product usage, etc.—to let you build a holistic understanding of the category and customer behavior.

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When Is It Time To Perform A Brand Awareness Study

Obsolete Category Intelligence

If it’s been years since you’ve done a brand awareness study, it’s time to
dust off those cobwebs.

Dynamic industries are constantly changing meaning you need to regularly track how those changes impact you.

Emerging Competition

Are new brands popping up in your category? New competitors could impact how much awareness or share of mind they take up. Perform an awareness study to see if these upstarts are impacting your awareness numbers.

Launching Campaigns

If you’re planning on allocating time and resources to brand and marketing campaigns, you’ll want to know if they’re working. Perform pre- and post-brand awareness studies to build an objective measure of how well your efforts are working.

Ongoing Market Evolutions

Big changes in any industry—competitors, regulations, technology innovations—impact how much people think about your brand. If your category is experiencing change, an awareness study tells you how much your brand is impacted.

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More About Our Brand Awareness Study Approach

How To Perform A Brand Awareness Study

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