What To Expect From Buyer Persona Research

Customized Approaches

No one-and-done templates here! We meticulously design our studies around your business category and unique research questions.

It’s only through tailored research designs that we develop nuanced buyer persona profiles that really matter.

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Customer Journey Dimensions

Your buyers go through discrete processes as they buy. We’ll identify the unique stages in the purchase cycle, and the questions your personas have at every step, so your team can build customer empathy and understanding.

Persona Segments

Most products and services, even the simple ones, have multiple types of buyers or personas. Not all are created equal! We’ll evaluate the different persona types, unearthing the nitty gritty details that make them unique, so you know who your core target is and how to attract them.

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When Is It Time To Perform Buyer Persona Research

New Products & Services

Are you launching products to a market or customer type that’s newer to you?

Buyer persona research uncovers all the key details—personal or business dynamics, responsibilities, challenges—to inform targeted marketing and sales activities.

Category Disruptions

Is a once-stable market experiencing shifts and disruptions? New technologies, shifting needs, and evolving priorities shake up the status quo, and require you to understand how these evolutions impact buyer priorities and decision making.

Unique Buyer Segments

Has your product been adopted across buyer types, perhaps marketing and sales or Gen X and Gen Z? At some point, one size fits all just won’t cut it. Take the time to understand what each buyer wants, and how your solution limits them today, to prioritize product roadmaps and development resources.

Obsolete Category Intelligence

When did you last evaluate your buyer personas?

Working with outdated intel means your category understanding is incomplete, if not flat out wrong. Keep your buyer personas fresh and never miss out on what drives your customers.

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More About Our Buyer Persona Research Approach

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