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Buyer Persona Research

Don't settle for shallow buyer descriptions. Leverage PlanBeyond's deep-digging buyer persona research to uncover customer drivers, pain points, and broader dynamics that impact their purchase decisions. Enjoy the nuanced details you need to create tailored marketing content and collateral, and effective sales processes.

What To Expect From Buyer Persona Research

No one-and-done templates here! We meticulously design our studies around your business category and unique research questions. It’s only through tailored research designs that we can get at the buyer persona data that really matters.
We know how to actually talk to people, even the hard to talk to ones. Through diligent interview techniques, we tease out the interesting nuances and details that are critical for producing actionable buyer personas.
You’ll end up with a robust description of who your customer is, getting down into the nitty gritty details of what gets them excited about your product category and what it’ll take to get them to buy. Teams across your organization, like marketing and product development, will have a full-fledged picture of your customer, enabling them to build effective acquisition activities.

When Is It Time To Perform Buyer Persona Research

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