What To Expect From Product Concept Tests

Customer Drivers

It’s not enough to know if customers do or do not like a product. You must also know why they feel that way. By understanding intrinsic drivers of product concept interest, our research provides insight not just into which concepts to develop but also how to develop them to address customer needs.

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Objective Prioritization

A powerful part of product concept research is the ability to test several concepts at one time, especially with survey-based methods. This affords you objective reads across multiple ideas to prioritize product roadmap plans.

Segment Preferences

By including a broad range of respondents in your studies, you’ll understand how well certain products resonate with certain groups, and why. You’ll know what features or products you need to address different types of customers.

Product Concept Test Research Firm - Segment Preferences

When Is It Time To Perform A Product Concept Test

New Product Development

Are you having trouble deciding which products or features to prioritize on your roadmap? Let the data guide you.

Product concept tests use objective benchmarks to measure concepts against each other, letting you see which ones truly have legs.

Competitive Differentiation

In hyper competitive markets, the products or features you launch can be the difference between being innovative or being yet another boring old brand.

Use product concept tests to see which ideas will give you a competitive edge.

Entering New Markets

Entering a new market comes with a lot of risk…but also a lot of rewards.

Be sure you’re entering new markets with the products and features customers actually want by fielding concept tests with relevant category buyers.

Cross-Segment Adoption

Are you trying to attract different types of customers? If so, one single product likely won’t be enough.

Test how well different product ideas resonate with different customer segments to see what product mix you need to attract a breadth of customer groups.

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