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Product Concept Testing

Do you have a lot of product ideas, but aren't quite sure what your customers will really want? With a qualitative and quantitative product concept test, you can use objective inputs to feel confident in your early product ideation and later-stage product refinement.

What To Expect From Product Concept Tests

When you’re early to the product development game, qualitative research is a great way to do early concept testing. You can glean details about a person’s personal or professional life that helps define how a product must work, or what it must feature, to be relevant.
One of the powerful parts of product concept test is that you can test several high-level concepts at once. Especially when using quantitative methods. This means you you’ll get clear, objective reads of how impactful different products are, in a very short span of time.
By including a broad range of respondents in your studies, you’ll understand how well certain products resonate with certain groups, and why. This offers objective insights into what features or products you may need to address different customer groups.

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