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Message Testing

How do you really stand apart from your competition? By how you portray you brand and its value. Getting your messaging—positioning, value props, tone and voice—right is key for making sure your marketing resonates and aligns with what customers are looking for.

What To Expect From Message Testing

We’ll identify the disconnects between what your product does and what your customers think it does. You’ll learn how to evolve your messaging to bridge the gap and begin convincing customers that you’re the right product for them.
It’s not just what you say but how you say it. That’s why our message testing frequently includes assessing tone and voice resonance. It gives you fuller insights about how to package your messaging so that it strikes the right chord.
Authenticity sells, which is why you need to stay away from buzzwords and other messages that ring false with customers. Our message testing explores these no-go message areas so you know what to avoid to prevent customer alienation.

When Is It Time To Perform Message Testing

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