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Market Research

Don’t be left wondering if you’re making the correct choices. Let market research set you down the right path from square one. PlanBeyond’s deep expertise in brand research, product testing, and qualitative methods ensures that you have the actionable data you need for successful brand, product, and marketing campaign launches out of the gate.

Brand Research

Make sure your brand stands out from the pack. With the right messaging, positioning, and customer targets, you’ll have the foundations you need to build a well-loved brand and much-used products.
  • – Messaging Development & Testing
  • – Brand Positioning
  • – Awareness Benchmarking & Tracking
  • – Market Segmentation

Product Development & Prototyping

Be confident that your product launches will knock it out of the park. From early prototype testing to assessing features and benefits preferences, you can get the insights you need to get customers from day one.
  • – Product Concept Testing
  • – Price Sensitivity & Elasticity
  • – Features & Benefits Analysis
  • – Marketing Claims Testing

Qualitative Research

When you don’t know what you don’t know, qualitative research can help you down the right path. By leveraging exploratory, open-ended methods we tease out the deep customer understanding you need to drive strategic business decisions.
  • – 1:1 In person interviews
  • – In Depth Phone interviews
  • – Focus Groups
  • – Ethnographies

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