The Problem

A B2B SaaS company in the rental equipment inspection category had zero case studies to show prospective customers or to use for marketing and PR. The team needed a way to streamline collecting ad-hoc stories shared by customers to build a strong case study pool.

The Approach

We leveraged our 1:1 interview know-how to create a process that scaled across a wide range of customers and business use cases.

Built A Universal Questionnaire

We first developed an interview questionnaire that could be used for all scenarios. It gathered both high-level information as well as business-specific wins (e.g. decreased disputes, minimized repair costs, etc.) to isolate the best story for each customer.

Sourced Interviews Across Industry Types

We worked with our client to source case study interviews across different rental categories and use cases. This would ensure that our case study build-out would serve them for years to come.

Developed A Structured Case Study Template

As a final output, we developed a single template to use for all case studies. With interviews completed, we could use this template for each and every case study, creating a consistent look and feel that was easily shareable.

The Results

Once complete, the team enjoyed the following results…

PR Story Identification

The client’s PR agency pitched individual stories to trade outlets, securing our client cost-effective wins to build brand awareness and MQL volume.

Top-Of-Funnel Content

Our client’s marketing team parsed out the case studies across social media and blog posts as well as email activities, helping them build out their content marketing and drive additional business interest.

Sales Content

The outbound sales team pulled unique industry-specific wins gleaned by customers to pique cold leads’ interest and secure initial demo calls.

Did You Know...

Case study libraries can be built out in 2-3 months. It takes focused effort, but it’s a very short span of time to produce valuable content that can be used across your marketing and sales teams.


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