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Amazon is experimenting  a few teams of part-time employees, consisting of both workers and managers with a 30-hour week. The move has renewed conversations about work-life balance in the tech industry….

In this podcast you’ll hear the stories of world-class marketers that use technology to drive business results and achieve career success. We’ll unearth the real world experiences of the some of the brightest minds in the marketing space….

Women are a big demographic in business. In fact, the Small Business Association reports that women own slightly more than 8 million small business, according to their 2018 Small Business Profile. Women also launched 1,821 net new businesses….

We know that retaining customers is far more cost effective than acquiring new one. However, few business owners are proactively seeking input from their best customer to know if their services are in fact meeting all expectations….

In recent research published by my agency, we found one especially startling finding: PNW small business owners are 36% less likely than their US counterparts to feel very optimistic about their business performance in 2019…

As co-working spaces have grown in popularity among people seeking to rent office space to work independently, co-working facilities designed especially for women have also spread. These businesses cater to female entrepreneurs by providing….