How To Choose Marketing Automation Software

How To Choose Marketing Automation Software

If you’re new to marketing automation, chances are you’re scratching your head determining how to choose marketing automation software that will be right for your business. Or, maybe you’re still deciding if what you get is even worth the expense. In this post, we break down the components of marketing automation so you’ll be able to tell if its features and benefits make sense for you.

How To Decrease Customer Acquisition Cost

One of the fundamental metrics startups and young businesses need to get a handle on early is their customer acquisition cost (CAC). Knowing how much you’re spending on acquisition is the first step to learning how well your budget is working for you…and how much effort you have to put in to make it more efficient. We’ll take you through different ways of measuring CAC and tactical approaches you can take right now to drive that number down.

Building A Brand: The Upfront Framework

Building a brand, a well-loved product or service that is highly differentiated and respected by customers, is no easy feat. To arrive at what it means to be a “brand” requires upfront research and strategy work. This post takes you through the brand development framework, a systemic process that will confidently lead you down the brand definition path.